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Flight Instruction With Single-Yoke AircraftFlight Instruction With Single-Yoke Aircraft

Flight Instruction With Single-Yoke Aircraft

Other than during instrument training and an FAA approved exemption, single-yoke aircraft cannot be used for any flight instruction.

The first exception, in FAR 91.109, allows instrument instruction to be conducted in a single-engine aircraft equipped with a single, functioning throwover control yoke as long as:

  • the flight instructor determines the flight can be conducted safely; and
  • the person manipulating the controls (the "student") has at least a private pilot certificate with appropriate category and class ratings, i.e., "Airplane" and "Single Engine Land".

The Bonanza/Baron/Travel-Air Pilot Proficiency Program, Inc. (BPPP), affiliated with the American Bonanza Society Air Safety Foundation, holds an exemption allowing the use of single-yoke equipped aircraft (single- and multi-engine) for recurrency training. The exemption is valid only during approved BPPP classes. Contact the American Bonanza Society for more information (316) 945-6913 or visit


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  • American Bonanza Society