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METAR/TAF AbbreviationsMETAR/TAF Abbreviations

AO1 Automated Observation without precipitation discriminator (rain/snow)
AO2 Automated Observation with precipitation discriminator (rain/snow)
AMD Amended Forecast (TAF)
APRNT Apparent
BECMG Becoming (expected between 2 digit beginning hour and 2 digit ending hour)
BKN Broken
CLR Clear at or below 12,000 feet (AWOS/ASOS report)
COR Correction to the observation
DSNT Weather phenomena beyond 10sm of the observation point
FEW 1 or 2 octas (eighths) cloud coverage
FM From (4 digit beginning time in hours and minutes)
LDG Landing
M In temperature field means "minus" or below zero
M In RVR listing indicates visibility less than lowest reportable sensor value (e.g. M600)
M In visibility, this indicates "less than"
MOV Moving
NO Not available (e.g. SLPNO, RVRNO)
NSW No Significant Weather
OVC Overcast
P in RVR indicates visibility greater than highest reportable sensor value (e.g. P6000FT)
P6SM Visibility greater than 6 SM (TAF only)
PK WND Peak Wind
PRESFR Pressure falling rapidly
PRESRR Pressure rising rapidly
PROB40 Probability 40 percent
R Runway (used in RVR measurement)
RMK Remark
RY/RWY Runway
SCT Scattered
SKC Sky Clear
SLP Sea Level Pressure (e.g., 1013 reported as 013)
SM Statute mile(s)
SPECI Special Report
TEMPO Temporary changes expected (between 2 digit beginning hour and 2 digit ending hour)
TKOF Takeoff
V Varies (wind direction and RVR)
VC Vicinity
VRB Variable wind direction when speed is less than or equal to 6 knots
VV Vertical Visibility (Indefinite Ceiling)
WS Wind shear (In TAFs, low level and not associated with convective activity)
BC Patches
BL Blowing
DR Low Drifting
FZ Supercooled/freezing
MI Shallow
PR Partial
SH Showers
TS Thunderstorm
Weather Phenomena
BLPY Blowing spray
BR Mist
DS Dust Storm
DU Widespread Dust
DZ Drizzle
FC Funnel Cloud
+FC Tornado/Water Spout
FG Fog
FU Smoke
GR Hail
GS Small Hail/Snow Pellets
HZ Haze
IC Ice Crystals
PL Ice Pellets
PO Dust/Sand Whirls
RA Rain
SA Sand
SG Snow Grains
SN Snow
SNINCR Snow increasing rapidly
SQ Squall
SS Sandstorm
UP Unknown Precipitation
(Automated Observations)
VA Volcanic Ash
Cloud Types
ACSL Altocumulus or Lenticular
CB Cumulonimbus
CCSL Cirrocumulus
SCSL Stratocumulus
TCU Towering Cumulus