Finance and Investment Committee Charter

Finance and Investment Committee Charter
for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
(Includes All Related Entities)
Members of the Finance and Investment Committee:

  • Darrell W. Crate, Co-Chairman
  • H. Neel Hipp, Co-Chairman & Secretary
  • Amanda C. Farnsworth
  • James N. Hauslein
  • Paul C. Heintz
  • William C. Trimble, III


The primary purpose of the Finance & Investment Committee is to lead the detailed oversight activities needed by the AOPA Board of Trustees in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities related to the effective and prudent financial & risk management of AOPA.  The oversight responsibilities include: (1) ensuring asset protection and growth of assets (2) identifying and mitigating economic risks facing AOPA serving a threats to its financial resources, (3) aligning AOPA’s growth strategy with financial resource requirements including working capital, cash flow, capital expenditures, spending budgets and controls, prudent use of existing assets, and (4) overseeing investment policies, procedures, investment returns are maintained within proper risk tolerances, and (5) ensuring appropriate use of AOPA financial resources both now and into the future so the result is long-term economic health for AOPA.