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Our award-winning eFIRC was created to help all pilots fly more safely. 100% of the revenue from our eFIRC course goes directly back to ASI to support its free educational resources that improve general aviation safety and grow the pilot population.

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Know what you're getting and what it costs when choosing our eFIRC—there are no hidden fees. We'll help you process your FAA paperwork, and you keep your renewal month. No need to leave your house to mail your paperwork. It's all included in the $124!

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Featuring 11 electives with three updated modules, to customize your training at your own pace.

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Our eFIRC’s video and interactive lessons expand on the subject matter covered. In comments offered after completion of AOPA’s eFIRCs, instructors said they found the unique videos and the course’s innovative design an unbeatable combination.

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You'll be connected immediately to a real person. Our expert team of CFIs in AOPA’s Pilot Information Center will assist if you need help or have questions about our eFIRC. Contact them at 800.872.2672, Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm ET.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the FIRC. After more than 30 years at this, I’ve taken a few. Live and online, I’ve seen quite a variety of study materials. Heck, when I started as a CFI these were 24 hours long, not the bargain basement 16 we’re mandated to do now.

- anonymous

It was a great course. A lot of work went into it and I appreciate it. AOPA is a tremendous resource.

- S.B.

This is a good course. Excellent topics, the guidance is valuable, the video clips are insightful (the seaplane tragedy in Human Factors should be mandatory viewing for all pilots), and the quizzes are well done.”

- Jamie B.

A fourth successful completion, good course and thank you for all the processing assistance.

- J.D.

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