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ASI Webinars

Miss a recent webinar presentation? You can watch recordings of our past Air Safety Institute webinars.

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Online FIRC (eFIRC)

The Air Safety Institute offers the most comprehensive FAA-approved renewal program available with our online course. We currently do not have any in-person events scheduled.

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Safety Spotlights

Go beyond textbooks with ASI’s comprehensive reports on critical safety issues.

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Safety Center by Topic:

Find courses, videos, publications, and quizzes neatly arranged by subject in the Safety Centers below.

training and proficiency
ASI Focused Flight Review 

Focused Flight Review

The profiles and preflight preparation materials were created to deal with historical problem areas and help make us all better pilots.

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Learn To Turn Webinar

Implementing Learn to Turn with Rich Stowell

This webinar focuses on increasing awareness of the consequences of your control inputs and describing training exercises designed to improve your basic flying skills. Downloadable resources available.

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Airworthiness Records

Whether you own or rent, gain valuable insights in this four-part webinar series about the airworthiness documentation requirements to keep you flying legally and safely.

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Avoiding Common Aircraft Damage Causes Video Series

Avoiding Common Aircraft Damage Causes

This video series focuses on common mishaps that consequences that can more than hurt your pride, they can really hurt your wallet. From loss of control on the ground (LOC-G), a hard landing, a gear-up landing, or a prop strike there are ways to reduce your chances of needing costly aircraft repairs.

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Seasons of Safety Webinar Series

In the this four-part series, we highlight the keys to regaining pilot proficiency and ensuring the airplane and other equipment are ready for flight, no matter the season.

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Scalable Safety Framework

Are you part of a flying club or other aviation organization? Download the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s new Scalable Safety Framework (SSF) presentation– a PowerPoint with a supporting PDF –to help your group formulate, implement, and sustain a safety culture.



Safety Notices

To increase aviation safety awareness and help reduce accidents, the AOPA Air Safety Institute periodically issues Safety Notices to remind pilots of significant safety topics.

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An mangled airplane resting upside down on the tarmac 

AOPA Accident Forgiveness

Participate in qualifying Air Safety Institute safety education to qualify for the AOPA Accident Forgiveness and Deductible Waiver Enhancement.

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