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Operating Cost Calculator

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If you’re interested in operating costs, you’ve come to the right place. This application is designed to help AOPA members complete an estimated operating cost for a broad range of aircraft by looking at each area of cost and figuring out annual and per-flight-hour expenses. Bear in mind that these are only estimates and not quotes for any product or service.

While this application merely provides estimates, you can still incorporate your own research to get a more refined result by using known local fuel and oil prices, hangar/tie down fees, insurance quotes, etc. Be sure to talk to your local maintenance shop to better understand what your aircraft may require.

The AOPA Operating Cost Calculator gathers information about one area at a time. Some answer fields will have an average figure as a suggestion, but you must still type an answer in each field. You may skip any answer field and come back later, but an incomplete answer will prevent the Calculator from returning a result.

When a field has been properly completed, the text will appear black. When a field needs attention, it will appear red. You may use the sidebar, or the “Edit” function, to go back and complete (or correct) any fields as needed.

The Summary section will return a high-level cost calculation; the Fixed and Variable sections will have a more detailed summation of costs based on the information you provided.

Step-by-Step Procedures

  1. Getting Started

    Review FAQs below:

    I need more help! How can I ask the AOPA Aviation Services team specific questions?

    Please call 1-800-USA-AOPA (1-800-872-2672), or email your questions to the AOPA Aviation Services department. We're here to help!

    What other products & services does AOPA offer that would be helpful for me to review?

    Financing, Legal Services, and Insurance (Life, AD&D, Auto-Home-Pet). Please visit the following for more information:

    Aviation Technical Service representative:
    1-800-USA-AOPA (872-2672)

    AOPA Aircraft Financing Program

    AOPA Title & Escrow Services, Inc.

    AOPA Insurance Agency
    1-800-622-AOPA (2672)

    AOPA Legal Services Plan
    1-800-USA-AOPA (872-2672)

    AssuredPartners Aerospace (an AOPA Strategic Partner)

  2. Complete the information fields

    Complete all fields. You may skip any section and return later. Once a field is complete, the text will appear black. A field with red text indicates more information is required to successfully complete the summary.

  3. Finishing Up

    Review your summary and let us know if you have questions or would like more information.