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Schedule Changes

I was recently explaining to someone the vagaries of my airline schedule, and the fact that my preferred overnights were not as available because of the way the trips had been changed. This led to a series of questions about the hows and whys of schedule construction. Every airline tweaks its schedule from month to ...
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Medical Events

Medical emergencies in flight are pretty rare, but when you consider the numbers, it is inevitable that some will happen. With 50 to 350 people on an airplane, some of whom already have underlying health issues and may be experience more stress than normal because of the travel experience, someone will eventually get sick. Hopefully, ...
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Flying in other countries

Aviation is supposed to be a world with a common language, but it doesn’t always work as well in practice as it does in theory. English is the agreed-upon language, but the fact is, not everyone speaks it as a primary language, and many struggle with it. I do quite a bit of flying in ...
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