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Training & Safety

Whether it’s prepping for a checkride, perfecting an instrument approach, or just going out for a proficiency flight, a good pilot is always learning. To make that easier, AOPA and the Air Safety Institute offer a wide variety of resources specifically tailored to your flying life.

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Air Safety Institute

Go beyond textbooks. Become a more knowledgeable, proficient, and safer pilot with ASI's safety education programs. No matter your certificate level, we have something to match your type of flying.

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Focused Flight Review

The profiles and preflight preparation materials were created to deal with historical problem areas and help make us all better pilots.

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Online Learning

AOPA offers numerous online educational resources from award-winning videos, publications, newsletters, courses, quizzes, all the way to webinars.

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eFIRC Online CFI Renewal Course

CFIs recommend our renewal course for its convenience, rich material, and challenging content. Our tablet-friendly eFIRC allows you to complete the course on your own time.

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Flight Training premium content

A good pilot is always learning. Get tips and insight from the experienced pilot-authors of Flight Training—AOPA’s membership magazine for students, CFIs, and lifelong learners.

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General Aviation Knowledge

Articles on Flying Techniques

Articles for Career Pilots

Articles on Advanced Training

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