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Coming May 15: 2021 Flight Training Experience Survey

A Momentary Pause on the 2020 Flight Training Experience Survey and Awards

Considering the challenges that flight schools were facing due the COVID-19 pandemic, we took a pause on the 2020 Flight Training Experience Survey and Awards. In place of our normal competition, we took the moment to build community, and were excited to take the opportunity to celebrate and recognize the vital work of flight training providers.

To do this, we sought stories where aviation inspired us or others, demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity, and showed how the flight training community contributes to aviation and our communities at large.

Some of these stories were highlighted during our presentation at the 2020 Redbird Migration, in social media, on AOPA’s digital platforms, and in AOPA’s magazines.

See the video here:

Here is a list of the contributors who led the way by sharing their stories in the 2020 Flight Training Experience Project:

Flight Schools

  • Ace Pilot Training
  • ADF Airways
  • Aeroguard
  • Aviator Air Flight School, LLC
  • Aviator Zone
  • Blue Line Aviation, LLC
  • Bravo Flight Training
  • Direct Connect Flight Academy
  • Fly San Diego
  • Great Basin Aviation
  • Leopard Aviation
  • Maui Flight Academy
  • Melbourne Flight Training
  • Nashville Flight Training
  • Premier Flight Center, LLC
  • Princeton Airport - NJ
  • Raritan Valley Flying School at Princeton Airport
  • Sierra Charlie Aviation
  • Skill Aviation Flight Training
  • South Whidbey Flying Club
  • Sterling Flight Training
  • Take Flight Aviation
  • Texas Flight
  • Travel Express Aviation

Flight Students

  • P217_student_pilot
  • Aditya Nair
  • Alex Wurts
  • Arkady Spevak
  • Cindy Duer
  • Cole Dostal
  • Erwin Castillo
  • Eric and Kevin with Mind Soul Aviation
  • Jake Keister
  • Javier Gonzalez
  • Jay Chiang
  • Jolie Lucas
  • Justin McLeod Bethune
  • Kurt Sensenbrenner
  • London Harrah
  • Mike Pell
  • Nick Beatty
  • Patrick Conroy
  • Shane R
  • Taylor Shenk
  • Troy Townsend
  • Warren Pittorie

See Previous Flight Training Experience Award Winners

You can see the original entries on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram by searching for the #FTEProject.

Questions? Contact [email protected]

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