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    Current Openings

    We are working toward achieving the goal of supporting general aviation.


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    Whether you're a pilot or not, become part of the team that is passionate about flying, where we take the work/life balance seriously.


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    From wellness programs to learning to fly, there are many things that make working at AOPA unique.


About Working here

At AOPA, our members and employees are everything to us. We take a holistic approach to our employees, supporting your work/life balance, your health and wellness, as well as your compensation. We want your work here to be positive and fulfilling, and then we want you to go enjoy your life. Not all employees are pilots, but we offer the opportunity to learn to fly as a benefit of working here. We also provide continued assistance for employees who want to maintain their flight proficiency.


Frederick, MD - Headquarters
AOPA headquarters overlook Frederick Municipal Airport just two miles east of Downtown Frederick, and about an hour from Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Baltimore. Frederick is a blend of old and new, an historic downtown of top-rated restaurants, boutiques, bookstores, coffee shops, theaters, art galleries, schools, and museums, plus all the retail and dining chains, grocery stores, shopping malls and living options you would find in any suburban development.

Washington, D.C.
Protecting general aviation around the country is a full-time job, and demands a presence in our nation’s capital. Our DC office is located just steps from the Capitol and still just an hour away from our Frederick, MD headquarters.

Other Locations
Many of our positions, such as our Regional Managers and Regional Ambassadors, are strategically located to be effective and hands-on at a local level. There are also some jobs at AOPA that have the flexibility for remote work. In total, AOPA employees can be found across the country.

AOPA Culture

Aviation, the industry that AOPA represents, is the source of our culture here. Pilots have an adventurous energy and enthusiasm that is infectious to work alongside, even if you’re not a pilot. Here, you become part of a team. In fact, AOPA scores above the national norm for employee engagement, and our employees tend to stick around or even come back. Our longest working employee has been here 40 years, with an average tenure of eight years.

  • Eighteen-plus years ago, when I walked into my first day of AOPA, I was hoping one day I’d be an editor of a major, international magazine. Work/life balance is so beneficial and AOPA has supported my personal and professional growth. I’m in a master’s program supplemented by the association. Between the travel, fly-ins, and convivial work atmosphere, sometimes it doesn’t feel like work at all. AOPA has allowed me to accomplish my dream: I moved up in the publications division and progressed through the many changes in media – websites, electronic publication, video production, and became an editor for the world’s largest general aviation magazine.  

    Julie Walker

    Senior Features Editor
    Staff since 1998

  • Aligning myself with an organization that offers and supports work-life balance, wellbeing, flexibility, rewards and recognition for excellence, stability, diversity, equity, and inclusion was important to me. Being in circles where learning, sharing, and thriving are fostered and valued was also important. AOPA has offered me all of this—and more. In less than one year, I was promoted from YCF Coordinator to YCF Specialist.

    Employees of all levels are respectful, friendly, talented, and enthusiastic about their work, general aviation, and the members and non-members served. We collaborate well cross-functionally, with a shared and demonstrated commitment to upholding the organization's values and vision. It is a fun and exciting place to work, and I am thrilled to be here!

    Renee Kalu

    Staff since 2022

  • John Doe

    After years of working from home with a young family, I was a little hesitant about returning to office life. I need not have worried. The AOPA HQ in Frederick, Maryland is a wonderful place to work. As well as promoting a strong work/life balance, AOPA is an exciting environment for pilots and non-pilots alike, with a beautiful campus right on a busy airport, and an extremely friendly team of people who are genuinely passionate about what they do.

    The staff flight training program alone makes working at AOPA unlike almost anywhere else. When you also consider the excellent range of benefits, wellness initiatives, flexible work hours and opportunities for personal growth, I would recommend it as a fantastic opportunity for anybody.

    Nick Beatty

    Director, Digital Experience
    Staff since 2017


Around here, there are many things that make AOPA such a dream place to work.

The Big Things

  • Health - Subsidized health insurance, gym membership reimbursements, phone a doctor service, comfortable setting for nursing moms, robust wellness program.
  • Time Off – Generous vacation time, lots of holidays, flex-schedules and telecommuting available in many roles.
  • Your Financial Future – Company matching 401K, retirement planning seminars.
  • Learn to fly - Yes, really! We pay for you to get your certificate.
  • Keep flying - If you’re already a pilot, we offer funds so you can maintain proficiency.
  • Development - Education assistance, positivity training, job training, and leadership training.

The Little Things

  • FUN! - Contests and parties, fly-ins, aviation events, Random Acts of Kindness, ice cream socials, wellness activities.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries – Birthday greetings from the CEO and years of service recognition.
  • Recognition – Competitive wages, milestone celebration, awards program
  • Community Support – Participation in community events, support non-profits.

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Current Openings

Our number one goal at AOPA is to promote and support general aviation and its community. There are many jobs that help us achieve that goal. To submit your resume for a position with AOPA, apply below.