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Avoiding Common Aircraft Damage Causes

Avoiding LOC-G

From ground loops to veer-offs and everything between, loss of control during ground operations is the second most costly item to insurers.

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Avoiding Hard Landings

A bounced or firm landing is typically not a hard landing. So, what is a hard landing? It happens when an airplane stalls or drops onto the runway with too high a vertical speed,

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Avoiding Prop Strikes

Propeller strikes can happen for various reasons. Prop strikes are expensive since in most cases they require a complete engine teardown.

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Avoiding Gear-Up Landings and Collapses

Gear-up landings and gear collapses happen to pilots regardless of experience levels or certificates held.

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AOPA Accident Forgiveness Eligible

*Earn eligibility for AOPA Accident Forgiveness after earning a certificate of completion for watching all four videos above.