Strategy & Growth Committee

Members of the Strategy & Growth Committee:

  • James G. Tuthill, Jr., Chairman
  • Lawrence D. Buhl, III
  • Matthew J. Desch
  • Burgess H. Hamlet, III
  • William C. Trimble, III
  • Kenneth M. Mead, Secretary


The primary purpose of the Strategy & Growth Committee is to lead the detailed oversight activities needed by the AOPA Board of Trustees in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities related to ensuring long-term economic health of AOPA and specifically advising and consenting to the development & execution of AOPA’s strategy and strategic growth initiatives.

The Strategy & Growth Committee’s advising and consenting responsibilities include, but are not limited to: (1) strategy and strategic growth initiatives, (2) mission alignment with strategy, (3) assessment & prioritization of growth opportunities, (4) risks identification and mitigation, (5) financial pro-forma forecasting, (6) talent requirements alignment with strategy, and (7) Providing guidance toward growing AOPA revenues while ensuring long-term economic health of AOPA.