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Airport Support Network

Pressure on public and privately owned airports continues to mount. This pressure takes many forms, including curfews, noise restrictions, lack of improvements, residential encroachment, and even calls to close the airport. The AOPA Airport Support Network provides the vehicle for AOPA members to work in concert with AOPA to establish that early warning system.

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Political Action Committee

The AOPA PAC provides members with another collective tool to ensure the needs of general aviation are recognized in Congress. By contributing through AOPA PAC, your dollars are pooled with contributions from other pilots and aircraft owners nationwide. This means that each dollar you give carries far greater weight than if you contributed on your own.

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Airport Watch

The aircraft and pilots of America’s GA community do not pose a significant terrorist threat to the United States. In fact, no GA aircraft has ever been used in an act of terror anywhere in the world. Nonetheless, the GA community takes security concerns very seriously. A comprehensive range of proven measures are in place to secure America’s GA aircraft and airports from potential acts of terror.