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Step 2: Get Help Writing Your Comments

Overview of the issue

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) proposes to apply commercial air carrier security measures to GA aircraft weighing more than 12,500 pounds, regardless of the type of operation. The proposal is burdensome and costly, calling for crewmember criminal record checks, watch list matching of passenger manifests, biennial third party audits of each aircraft operator, and new airport security requirements.

The proposal fails to recognize the inherent differences that exist between private and commercial aviation and attempts to impose costly and unnecessary security regulations without justification.

The proposed rule will for the first time apply commercial and charter air carrier security requirements to GA. AOPA has concerns with this approach and its implications for GA owners and operators. In particular, the association is concerned with the weight threshold that is used for the basis of the regulations and provisions in the rule that outsource security oversight to a third-party auditor. AOPA does not support the proposal as currently drafted and requests that the TSA reconsider the proposed rules, focusing particularly on whether there are less costly and less intrusive ways to enhance GA security.

The following guidelines will help you craft your comments.

Personalizing Your Message

  • Personalize your message. The talking points listed in the regulatory brief are provided to give you a basis for starting your letter and comments. Use the four ideas in the brief as springboards to address how the proposed Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) would impact your flying.
  • Describe yourself as a pilot and how you use your aircraft. Include information about the type of aircraft you fly or own and about the airport where you are based.
  • Describe how the proposed rule would adversely affect the way you fly. Include information about how the TSA’s proposed LASP would impact you. Describe any costs that you would incur should the proposed rule be passed. Describe any economic loss or job loss associated with the implementation of this rule.
  • Describe why this rule is not necessary. Provide details. It is clear from the TSA’s request for information on 45 different aspects of the notice of proposed rulemaking that they don’t have the complete picture about the impact of the proposed rule on GA operators. To help them fully understand the operational effects of the proposal, please provide as many details as you can in your comments.

Sensitive security information reminder: Your comments will be part of a public record available for anyone to see. Do not disclose any information that is considered sensitive security information. If there is any doubt as to the sensitivity of the information, contact the TSA directly prior to inclusion.

How to submit your comments to the TSA