Aircraft Maintenance

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From touchdown to tiedown: Aircraft tires

Aircraft Maintenance | 2013, 03 19

They sit immobile, baking in the hot sun or hardening in the freezing cold for weeks at a time until they’re called upon to go from 0 mph to 60 mph faster than any earth-bound speedster. And, although it is one of the most stressed components of the average general aviation aircraft, it is often the most undervalued.

Time for a change: DIY oil changes

Aircraft Maintenance | 2013, 03 01

DIY oil changes are a great way to learn about the health of your engine, while saving some money in the process. Think of it as a free hour of flying every 50 hours, courtesy of your own sweat equity.

All about oils

Aircraft Maintenance | 2013, 02 19

Trying to pick the right oil for your aircraft's engine? Consider your operating environment, outside temperature, engine/cylinder type, and how frequently the aircraft is flown.

Oil changes: Roll up those sleeves and save some money

Aircraft Maintenance | 2013, 02 07

One of the best ways to improve the safety of an aircraft is also a great way to save money: owner-performed preventive maintenance. Oil changes are a good place to start.