Fly Like a Fighter

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Fly like a Fighter: Cross-controlled in tight formation

Fly like a fighter | 2012, 03 26

An Air Force student was doing a magnificent job of flying close formation, at night and in the weather, while cross-controlling a T-38 in a slip. When the instructor instructed him to get his right foot off the rudder, there was no response.

Fly like a Fighter: Which way is up?

Fly like a fighter | 2012, 03 13

After an uncontrolled snap roll, Air Force F-15 pilot Larry Brown finds his aircraft 40 degrees nose low, inverted, accelerating toward the ground. Enter the importance of upset recovery training.

Fly like a Fighter: To go or not to go?

Fly like a fighter | 2012, 02 27

Who aborts an F-15 during takeoff because of a lack of thrust? Retired Air Force F-15 pilot Larry Brown shares why he should have aborted a takeoff in which he used 6,000 feet of an 8,000-foot runway to get airborne.

Fly like a fighter: Cheers to the man on the mic

Fly like a fighter | 2012, 02 16

In early spring our squadron in Germany was sending 12 F-15s to Denmark to participate in a NATO flying exercise. The weather was overcast over Europe, and the forecast in Denmark was for low ceilings, poor visibility, and rain throughout the day. We scheduled three launches of four F-15s each spread apart by 20 minutes. I launched with the second group of four.

Fly like a fighter: Where'd my maps go?

Fly like a fighter | 2012, 02 01

A negative-G guns jink sprays maps, charts, and approach plates onto the top of retired Air Force pilot Larry Brown's F-15 canopy, teaching him a valuable lesson he adheres to today in his Cessna P210--even though he won't be doing any negative-G pushovers.

Fly like a fighter: A peek into space

Fly like a fighter | 2012, 01 19

After a zoom climb up to FL500, retired Air Force F-15 pilot Larry Brown looked toward the horizon and saw the curvature of the earth below, a small piece of blue sky above, and black above that.