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IFR Fix: The way it WAAS

IFR Fix | 2012, 04 27

Remember curved approaches? Pilots of a certain age recall a time when pilots flew their ILS approaches with the thought in mind that, someday, a technology called the microwave landing system would change the way aircraft got down through the stuff. Now, thanks to satellite-based navigation, GPS approaches are doing the job.

IFR Fix: Knowledge is power

IFR Fix | 2012, 04 20

A pilot is seeking rainy-day advice from two IFR-rated friends about training for the instrument rating. When should he take the knowledge test? One says hit the books first; the other recommends getting instrument experience before taking the test. Who's right?

IFR Fix: Signposts in the sky

IFR Fix | 2012, 04 16

How do you pronounce GLADI? Does it rhyme with lady or laddie? Ask before you get there because another fix nearby may, or may not, sound similar. The five-letter "words" devised for aviation's signposts in the sky occasionally spell GRIEF for pilots.

IFR Fix: A truer test

IFR Fix | 2012, 04 06

Looking for a challenge that will tax your IFR knowledge to the limit and hone your skills, leaving you dry-mouthed and drained? Try explaining what it means to be an instrument pilot to someone who knows nothing about aviation.

IFR Fix: The instrument takeoff

IFR Fix | 2012, 03 23

Would you depart under IFR if you would be unable to return immediately and land? Even if you're a pilot whose personal minimums prohibit departure under low conditions, much learning arises from practicing an instrument takeoff with a CFII.

IFR Fix: Just answer the question

IFR Fix | 2012, 03 16

Lucky you. It's instrument proficiency check day! In honor of spring, this ride will also count as a rental checkout at the FBO. First stop is the classroom, where the chief instructor goes over the aircraft, then asks you to ponder this IFR scenario for any questionable elements.

IFR Fix: Beyond the zone

IFR Fix | 2012, 03 09

The course deviation indicator stood perfectly centered as the aircraft neared the vortac inbound. Wham. Station passage. Too bad the pilot didn't notice.

IFR Fix: Not to be redundant

IFR Fix | 2012, 03 02

Any pilot who has ever dropped a pen into the abyss beneath the seats while copying a complicated clearance immediately learns one of aviation's overarching lessons: Carry more pens.

IFR Fix: Real or imagined?

IFR Fix | 2012, 02 24

How are things in the real world today? Give flight service a call. Tell the briefer we need weather for a trip from here to the real world and back. In the remarks section, please be sure to note when you file that this is a training flight with a focus on IFR flying under real-world conditions.

IFR Fix: A show of hands

IFR Fix | 2012, 02 17

IFR Fix readers weigh in on a variety of topics through informal polls. What does the emerging portrait reveal? Perhaps a syllabus for recurrency training.