volunteer to help at a fly-in

As a pilot and aircraft owner, I truly enjoy volunteering at AOPA Fly-Ins because I support the aviation community with my time and efforts. Plus, where else can you go and be around so many great people and planes and not have to pay for it!

Greg L. Davis

AOPA Fly-Ins are successful because of people like YOU!

Got a day or two to have some fun and be part of one or more of these extraordinary events?

Volunteers provide support in a variety of ways. Some set up the main stage area. Others help set up and take down displays and exhibits. Still others guide cars and aircraft into their parking spaces. There's always work to be done, and your help makes it all happen. But it's not all toil and sweat. You'll meet your fabulous fellow volunteers, see the fly-in from an “insiders” perspective, and make friends and valuable contacts that you will keep for years. You’ll be proud to have been an important part of the weekend, knowing that you did your part to support GA.

We have lots of great opportunities you can choose from: air operations, hospitality, auto parking, and set-up/tear down. Just 5-6 hour commitment is all that is needed!

Oh yeah, you'll get a free lunch, t-shirt, and a cap for your efforts. And you'll also get the satisfaction of knowing you did something important for aviation, and that the thousands of visitors (as well as AOPA) appreciate your time and talents.