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Rusty Pilots

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Rusty Pilots program and for your commitment to bringing lapsed pilots back into the GA community. The success of the Rusty Pilots program (“Rusty Pilots”) depends on a solid partnership between AOPA and the host flight school or flying club. If you are interested in supporting this program by hosting and presenting a Rusty Pilots presentation, please take a look at the partnership expectations below. By partnering with the AOPA Rusty Pilots program, you will be rewarded with marketing support and increased exposure for your flight school or club. If you would like to host a program, please submit a request form below.

Rusty Pilots Partnership Responsibilities

AOPA responsibilities:

  • AOPA will provide marketing support (typically via email) by reaching out to local pilots in your area and inviting them to the presentation at your facility
  • AOPA will provide a branded PowerPoint presentation
  • AOPA will provide a presenter guide for tips on conducting a successful program
  • AOPA will provide a follow-up email to attendees containing a resource guide with additional information and tools to help prepare them for the flight review. This email will also contain additional encouragement for scheduling a flight review with you.
  • AOPA will provide congratulatory Certificate of Completion PDF to sign and print for each participant

Download a sample Rusty Pilots program.

Flight School/Flying Club responsibilities:

  • Flight school/flying club must provide a physical location that has a minimum capacity of 25 seats
  • Flight school/flying club will provide an active flight or ground instructor to present the program
  • Flight school/flying club will honor an individual’s participation in Rusty Pilots as meeting the ground training portion of the Flight Review (FAR 61.56)
  • Flight school/flying club should provide aircraft and instructor scheduling opportunities during Rusty Pilots program
  • Flight school/flying club will provide AOPA with follow-up feedback after program completion to help us understand how many people actually complete a flight review and became active again (at  3,6, and 12 month intervals).

Priority for partnership will be given on a first-to-request basis to flight schools/flying clubs with at least a fleet of two aircraft. If multiple qualified flight schools in an area request participation, priority will be given on a first-to-request basis. The second flight school will then be provided the opportunity to participate at a later date (a minimum of 6 weeks after the first presentation).

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