"Pursuit of the Perfect Landing” with Michael Phillips

Date Wednesday April 23, 2014 | 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Contact Person Carolyn Brown
Contact Email Address classes@vc99s.com
Contact Phone Number 8059106894
Website http://www.vc99sclasses.com
State California
Location Dept of Airports, 555 Airport Way, Camarillo, Camarillo (KCMA)
Cost 35.00
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"Pursuit of the Perfect Landing” with Michael Phillips A Ventura County 99s Pilot Proficiency Class In Pursuit of the “Perfect Landing”; a review and discussion of how each landing is a statement that no two landings are the same and how to make every landing as good as it can be. During this class we will review and discuss: 1. The stabilized approach and why it matters 2. Power-on or power-off landing 3. Crosswind landing; crab or side-slip or…… 4. The “Holy Grail” of all landings 5. Any discussion of the perfect landing would not be complete without an understanding of the role that flying the traffic pattern plays in the “perfect landing” Attendance at this seminar qualifies each participant for an opportunity to practice and demonstrate their skills in the Redbird Simulator and be entered in a contest that will recognize the individual with the best landing. Prizes and recognition for your success will be bestowed on the winners.  Best Landing  Best Landing by a 99  Best Landing by a Student Pilot  Best Landing by a Pilot over 65
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