Real World Weather

Date Thursday October 16, 2014 | 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Contact Phone Number 800-638-3101
State Illinois
Location John Deere Global Aviation Services, 5600 69th Avenue, Milan, Illinois, 61264 (KMLI)
Weather is the single biggest variable in flying. It can turn a long-awaited vacation into a long wait at the FBO, a quick two-hour flight into a tedious four-hour slog, or a stress-free jaunt into a skill-testing ordeal. The variations are infinite, but for pilots it all boils down to two questions: What’s really going on out there, and what does it mean for me? The day-to-day challenge of answering those questions is the focus of our new seminar. We’ll take a no-nonsense look at how you can get better, more complete weather information—and make better, more informed decisions as a result. We’ll talk about: • The best weather resources, and when to use them • Situations that tempt smart pilots to make dumb choices • Weather-related accidents and the factors that led to them • Knowing what’s safe and what isn’t when things get “complicated”
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