FlyQ EFB Transition FAQs

Q: Why is AOPA exiting the EFB market?

A: Shortly after joining AOPA last fall, President Mark Baker began a review of AOPA’s benefits and services, which included an assessment of where members believe AOPA should spend resources in regards to flight planning benefits. 

As a result, AOPA has decided to exit the EFB market, but will still provide an internet-based flight planner powered by Jeppesen and will develop a new phone application.  Both the flight planner and the iPhone/Android application will remain free member benefits.

Q: What happens to my existing subscription?

A: Seattle Avionics will take over all customer support, marketing and future development of the FlyQ EFB starting in September 2014.   For current paid subscribers and trial user subscription and user data will not be affected.   Contact Seattle Avionics at [email protected] or visit

Q: I am on a trial subscription, so what happens to me?

A: Pilots on a trial subscription will be able to continue to use the FlyQ EFB app without interruption. Trial subscribers, like paid subscribers, may be required to download a new version of the application, but subscription and user data will not be affected. At the end of the trial subscription, you will have the option of becoming a paid subscriber, just as before. 

Q: What is the timeline and transition plan

A: Seattle Avionics will assume all responsibility for FlyQ EFB in September 2014, including all marketing, customer support and continuation of further development.  At that time, the only change subscribers will experience or notice is that AOPA’s logo will no longer be coupled with the EFB. 

Q: How do I contact Seattle Avionics?

A: Email Customer Support at [email protected] or visit their website at