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AOPA FlyQ—Available exclusively for AOPA Members

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AOPA FlyQ is a suite of digital flight planning products that provides powerful flight planning capability, airport directory information and aviation Wx in an easy-to-use package. Built by pilots, for pilots, the FlyQ Pocket smartphone app and the online FlyQ Web are available exclusively for AOPA Members.

Fly Smarter with AOPA FlyQ!

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FlyQ Suite

Your smart phone just got smarter.

Key Features:

  • Available for iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Uses Geo-Location to Display Nearest Airports and Weather
  • AOPA Airports Directory Provides Essential Airport Information at a Glance
  • Runway Diagrams and Satellite Images
  • Aviation Wx includes METARs, TAFs, Radar and Satellite Charts and more
  • Flight Planning with Smart Auto-Routing Capability
  • Syncs flight plans and user data with all FlyQ products 
  • Free to AOPA members

Powerful flight planning on your computer.

Key Features:

  • Real-time weather maps
  • Drag-and-drop waypoint editing
  • Smooth chart transitions
  • Simple and advanced route planning
  • Streamlined FAA Flight Plan Filing
  • Compute distance, time, and fuel usage based on aircraft profile
  • Easy access to AOPA Airports information
  • 100% Internet based—no download required
  • Syncs flight plans and user data with all FlyQ products
  • Free to AOPA members
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