AOPA Magazines App

Introducing the AOPA Mags App

The AOPA Mags app provides easy access to the Enhanced Digital Editions of AOPA Pilot and Flight Training magazines on your iPad and other iOS devices. In order to access the magazines, you must be a digital subscriber.

The app allows downloading and offline reading of your magazines, with simple swipe-and-pinch navigation, although you will need an Internet connection to view videos, slideshows, and other extended content.

Digital subscribers can download the free app from Apple’s App Store here.

AOPA Mags App Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much does the AOPA Mags app cost? A: There is no cost to download the AOPA Mags app. However, the app will only deliver magazine content to members who are current digital subscribers. There is no additional cost to view digital subscription content in the AOPA Mags app, beyond the $10 annual cost of a digital subscription (there is no cost for a digital subscription if you choose to receive a digital subscription instead of your mailed, printed magazine).
  • Q: How do I start a digital subscription? A: Go online and follow the steps to add on a digital subscription, or to convert your print magazine subscription. You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email to activate your subscription using the login information provided. You will be prompted to choose your password. After you have done this, you can download the free AOPA Mags app from the iTunes store and log into the app, using your AOPA member number and the password you just selected.
  • Q: How do I log into the AOPA Mags app? A: You must have an active Internet connection to download a magazine into the app, or to view extended content such as videos or slide shows. After you download the free AOPA Mags app, tap on the AOPA Mags icon to launch the app. The app will ask you to log in, using your AOPA website username and password. If you do not remember your AOPA website username and password, click here to reset them. Please note, this will reset your password for AOPA Online as well as your Enhanced Digital Edition.
  • Q: Why can't I log into the app?A: You must subscribe to the Enhanced Digital Edition in order to access magazine content in the app. If you're not a current digital subscriber, you can subscribe online. New subscribers should receive a confirmation email from AOPA shortly after subscribing.
  • Q: How do I access videos, slideshows, and other extended content in my digital edition? A: Look for the enhanced content icon, a computer-mouse arrow pointing at an open book. Click on the icon, a window will open, and the video, slideshow, or other extended content will be displayed. Keep in mind that you must have a live Internet connection in order to access extended content.
  • Q: Why do I only see an older issue of the magazine? A: If subscribed to both AOPA Pilot and Flight Training, you will see an older issue of both magazines in the Catalog section of the app. Tap on either magazine to see all of the issues that are available to you.
  • Q: Why are there only one or two issues of the magazine in my app? I have been an AOPA member and subscriber for years. A: The app will display all issues delivered since the beginning of your digital subscription. Like the print magazine, your digital subscription does not include back issues. If you just subscribed to the Enhanced Digital Edition, you will see only the current issue of the magazine.
  • Q: How do I open my magazine? A: Tap on the cover of either AOPA Pilot or Flight Training (the app will display only the digital issues you are subscribed to). You will see the most current issue as well as any previous issues that are in your subscription. Swipe through the issues and tap on the issue you want to read or download.
  • Q: When I tap on the cover to read the magazine, the screen reloads. But when I swipe to turn the page, all I get is another cover. Why? A: You first have to select which magazine you want to read, and then select an issue of that magazine.
  • Q: How do I download an issue so it’s stored in the app for offline reading? A: Tap on the issue you want to download. Once you tap on the issue, two options will appear: “Read” and “Download.” Select Download to begin the download process; the magazine will be stored on your iOS device for offline reading.
  • Q: Why does it take so long to download a magazine? A: The magazine’s file size averages 50 megabytes. Depending on your internet connection speed, the download could take several minutes. We recommend using a WiFi connection to download each new issue.
  • Q: Why do I keep getting the message that there are no books in my library? A: As long as you have at least one magazine downloaded into your library, you will not receive this message. It’s just to let you know that you do not have any magazines available for offline viewing.
  • Q: How do I delete a magazine from the AOPA Mags App that I have downloaded? A: To delete a downloaded magazine from the app, simply tap on the cover of the issue that you want to remove from the app. Two selections will appear: “Read” and “Delete.” Selecting Delete will remove the magazine from the App.
  • Q: How can I scroll through the articles in the magazine for quick navigation? A: Navigate through the articles by tapping on the screen once to bring up the menu at the bottom of the screen. The second icon from the left will bring up a table of contents that you can scroll though; select any article in the magazine, tap the article, and it will go to that page.
  • Q: How do I know what text/pictures are links on the page? A: You can locate all links on any page by tapping the screen and bringing up the menu at the bottom of the screen. Touching the icon at the far right of the menu bar will highlight all the available links on the page you have displayed.
  • Q: Once I’m viewing a magazine, how do I go back to select another issue? A: Simply tap on the screen, and a button will appear at the top left for “My Library.” Tap on the “My Library” button and the app will take you back to your Publications.
  • Q: Why do I have a dialog box appear telling me that there was a problem loading the catalog? A: To access the catalog, you need to have internet access/signal. If you are not logged into a wireless network and do not have Internet access, then you won’t be able to access the catalog. You will only be able to access the magazines that you downloaded.
  • Q: While looking at the magazine, how can I search for articles or keywords? A: Currently the AOPA Mags App does not have the capability to run a search for articles or keywords.
  • Q: How can I easily locate a page or article by looking for the page number? A: Although the AOPA Mags App currently does not have the ability to scroll through page numbers, you can scroll through images of the pages. To do this, first you must be in the issue you want to read. Tap on the magazine; a toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen, and the first icon will display images of all the pages in the magazine. Tapping on any of the images will take you to that page.
  • Q: What is RSS Feed? A: The RSS Feed offers the latest aviation news headlines from, allowing a convenient update on what’s new. At this time, the RSS Feed only works with iOS 5 software. It will not work with iOS 4.x, used on earlier iOS devices.
  • Q: I’m having an issue that is not covered by these FAQs. What do I do? A: Please call AOPA at 1-800-872-2672, weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern time, and one of our dedicated representatives will assist you.

Additional Questions?
Call 1-800-USA-AOPA (2672) or email

Become a digital subscriber

You must be a digital subscriber to AOPA Pilot or Flight Training (or both) before you can access magazine content through the app. Click here to begin your digital subscription. Subscriptions are available to AOPA members only.

Key features

  • Simple swipe-and-pinch navigation
  • Easy offline reading
  • One-tap access to videos, slideshows, and other rich content
  • All your AOPA magazines in one convenient app!

Supported Platforms

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.