A Message from Michelle AOPA VP of Membership

As I continue on my flight training journey, I’m always amazed at the resources AOPA has to offer. I was super excited to see the Air Safety Institute coming out with “Storm Week” June 11-15. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as every other lesson I plan seems to get pushed due to the instability of summer weather. I’m either fogged in early in the morning, or on a day like today, the ominous dark clouds will keep me grounded. The obvious weather situations are easy to figure out, but what about those times when it’s not so obvious?

Here’s a sneak peak of everything “Storm Week”:

Want to chat live with the editors of Flight Training magazine to find out more about Thunderstorm Avoidance? Go to Flight Training’s Facebook page, Tuesday, June 5th at 3 p.m. EDT.

Air traffic controllers are a great resource for all pilots when it comes to weather avoidance, but just how much can they tell us about the weather ahead? Find out in a new Ask ATC video to be released during Storm Week .

Think you know everything about avoiding thunderstorms? Find out by taking ASI’s NEW Storm Week Safety Quiz.

Join AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg, datalink expert Dr. David Strahle, and air traffic control experts to learn important facts about using cockpit weather, the weather radar services controllers can offer, and how to effectively communicate with ATC to minimize your risk of encountering a thunderstorm’s disturbing wrath. All of this during a brand new live Webcast (Thursday, June 14 at 3pm and 8pm EDT).

Whether you’re just thinking about flying, just starting out, or a seasoned aviator, AOPA and the AOPA Foundation’s Air Safety Institute have something to offer everyone. Visit us online to find all thunderstorm-related products and programs.