AOPA in your community

Back in January, I told you about a new and exciting program at AOPA—one that would make AOPA a bigger part of your local aviation community. What was once known as the Regional Representative program for many years—primarily focused on state and local advocacy—became the Regional Manager program with a dual charge of local advocacy AND local membership engagement and development.

We re-organized the country into seven regions, each headed by an AOPA regional manager. These AOPA regional managers have actively worked on state and local issues within their specific geographical regions on everything from new pilot outreach to facilitating local pilot events in an effort to build interaction with one another for the common good of the local pilot community.

Our new regional managers have continued the great field advocacy you have relied on from AOPA.  Across the country this talented new team hit the ground running…  working with local pilots to protect airports from operational restrictions, fighting for seaplane access to public waters, safeguarding backcountry airstrips, and fighting in state capitols to win aviation tax-exemptions and prevent new taxes - saving aviators over $100 million in state taxes a year across the nation.   

Collectively, the Regional Managers have participated in over 125 events throughout the country, reaching thousands of members and pilots that AOPA might not otherwise get the opportunity to interact with. They have hosted Pilot Mix and Mingles, exhibited at airshows, participated in local airport and aviation events, and visited numerous high schools and universities with aviation programs.

They’ve even been active online with Twitter (follow by using their handles listed below) and View from the Region (VFR) blog(—so, if you can’t make it to one of their events, you can at least follow them online! You can also learn more about what the Regional Managers are doing in your area via the web.

  • Northeast region: Craig Dotlo
  • Alaska: Tom George
  • Southern region: Bob Minter
  • California: John L. Pfeifer
  • Central Southwest region: Yasmina Platt
  • Northwest Mountain region: David R. Ulane
  • Great Lakes Region: Bryan Budds