AOPAs superb customer service impresses member

AOPA to the rescue to solve a problem

AOPA member Alberto Guerrero purchased non-owned insurance from AOPA along with the instructions to sign the policy form and return it to AOPA within 15 days.

“I screwed up and forgot to do that, and I was afraid my flying club would restrict my ability to fly—a fate worse than death,” Guerrero said.

alberto guerrera

He described himself as “desperate” when he called AOPA, but was put at ease within 20 seconds. AOPA staffer Jo Cox gave Guerrero the option of scanning a signed form and emailing it back to her directly with no penalty or problem. He said, “I was so relieved to get someone on the phone who had a solution to my problem and cared to make my life a little easier.”

That should have resolved the problem, but it didn’t.

Like many members with very busy lives, Guerrero realized he couldn’t find the original form and looked everywhere in his house for it. “It was just gone,” he said. “I embarrassingly emailed Jo asking her to mail me another copy as soon as possible, but she did one better.”

Within minutes, Guerrero was emailed a filled-out form ready to sign. “Now that’s what I call customer service!” he said, adding, “Thank you for taking such good care of this occasionally absent-minded pilot.”

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