EA plus comes to the rescue after Laos motorcycle accident

Many people are surprised at how costly a medical emergency can be, especially out of the country. That's why programs such as AOPA Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) are so important.

For example, EA+ received notification that a member was hospitalized in Laos due to a motorcycle accident in which he fractured his right fibula and dislocated his right ankle. After a consult between the attending physicians and EA+’s medical director, it was determined that the man was fit to travel by air, and that he needed to be transferred to a more adequate facility to treat his injuries immediately. EA+’s assistance coordinators were able to arrange an air ambulance in just 18 hours from the time of notification.

The man was transferred from Laos to Bangkok, Thailand, where he received proper treatment. A few weeks later, EA+’s medical director determined the member was stable enough to fly home and EA+ made the flight arrangements. The covered costs were $27,055, and the cost of an EA+ individual plan starts at only $89 a year. For more information on how you can join EA+ visit us online.