Free AOPA Memberships available for active duty military

AOPA is honoring the service of active-duty military members by offering them a complimentary one-year membership in AOPA.  The free membership comes as the nation celebrates Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day, and is designed to allow military members to take their love of aviation beyond their uniform.

AOPA has engaged in military outreach in the past few months, and already has many military members in its ranks.  From military to recreational flying and beyond, AOPA wants to equip military members with the tools to safely achieve all their aviation goals.

“We have an amazing array of content and pilot resources and believe that whether you fly for the military or are a recreational flyer, AOPA has something for everyone,” said Michelle Peterson, AOPA’s Vice President of Membership.  “We sincerely hope military aviators continue their passion for flying long after they complete their service to our country. Perhaps they will continue that passion through general aviation.”

If you know someone in the military who would enjoy an AOPA membership, please send them to