Matching grant packs a punch for safety more

Promoting safety, growing the pilot population, protecting airports, and supporting general aviation’s benefits to the community are some of the important goals made possible by programs funded by the AOPA Foundation.

Now, tax-deductible contributions that support those worthwhile programs can go much further, thanks to a matching grant offered by a long-time supporter of the AOPA Foundation.

As a statement of his passion for aviation, and to motivate other pilots to help keep general aviation strong, AOPA Foundation supporter Bennett Dorrance is offering a $60,000 matching grant, challenging the foundation’s supporters to match his contribution dollar for dollar by the end of 2012.

That challenge gives all supporters of the AOPA Foundation’s programs the opportunity to double the impact of their own generosity.

“This is too good an opportunity to lose,” said AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg in a letter to supporters.

Landsberg added that the challenge grant provides an “unsurpassed opportunity for each of us to advance a great cause—protecting our freedom to fly.”

Pilots can make a donation now.