No risk when you enroll in Emergency Assistance Plus

Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) is a service intended to fill the gap when accidents, illness, or other problems arise away from home for expenditures that health insurance doesn’t cover. Pilots have active lifestyles, so we’re constantly on the go, making an away-from-home emergency a likely occurrence. You can read all about EA+ and its many benefits online.

EA+ and AOPA are so sure that this program is beneficial to you that you can apply for the program at no risk. This means you apply for EA+, at which time you’ll be sent a detailed description of the services and benefits EA+ offers. You’ll have 30 days to decide whether EA+ is right for you. If it is, great—do nothing. If it isn’t, just let EA+ know, and your full annual membership in it will be refunded.

It’s a total iron-clad 100-percent money-back guarantee.

While you’re checking out EA+, be sure to note that one of the membership options is that EA+ will make sure your airplane is professionally flown back to your home base should you be unable to fly yourself due to accident or illness. That benefit alone is worth the yearly membership fee.

Your AOPA membership earns you a discounted rate for EA+. Look at the options and apply today.