Popular Pilot features now in e book

Two of AOPA Pilot’s most popular features—“Never Again” and “Safety Pilot Landmark Accidents”—are being turned into e-books.

The first two features being turned into e-books are The Best of ‘Never Again,’ Vol. 1 and The Best of ‘Safety Pilot Landmark Accidents,’ Vol. 1.

One constant through every one of the 660 issues of AOPA Pilot published since 1958 has been the monthly “Never Again” column, said AOPA Pilot Editor in Chief Tom Haines . “The stars of this show are not well-known authoritative aviation experts,” he said. “The education, training, and entertainment from these pages is crafted by AOPA members who have courageously decided to share their experiences with the membership at large so we can all learn from their experiences.

The “Landmark Accidents” series dissects notable accidents to uncover what went wrong and what pilots can learn as a result. The articles cover much of what can go wrong from a pilot’s perspective, said AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg. “Dive in wherever you like—each accident has points to ponder,” he noted. “Aviation lets us see and do things that most other people never get to experience. Just remember that safe is never the equivalent of risk free. Manage that risk intelligently and you’ll fly for a long time in great safety.”

“Our members enjoy reading regular magazine features like ‘Never Again’ or ‘Landmark Accidents,’ so we decided to make them more available by compiling them in an e-book,” said Haines. “We look forward to offering even more of the best features in AOPA Pilot as e-books.”

The e-books are available for download from the “shop.aopa.org” online store. When purchased through the AOPA online store, members who are logged in can purchase the book at a special introductory price of $7.99. Nonmembers, or anyone purchasing the e-books through outside vendors such as Amazon or iBooks, will pay $9.99. AOPA’s e-books can be viewed on popular e-readers including the Kindle and Nook, as well as tablets like the iPad and various Android devices. With special software, they can also be viewed on PCs and laptops.