Top 10 AOPA announcements of 2012

It was a busy year for AOPA in the announcements department. Below we summarize the top 10 achievements of 2012, in no particular order.

  1. AOPA Live This Week . This television-style webcast, created by Executive Producer Warren Morningstar and hosted by AOPA Editor in Chief Tom Haines, offers a comprehensive look at the most interesting stories in general aviation. The show also has its own public channel on Roku, an Internet-enabled box that allows viewers to stream content instantly on their televisions.
  2. AV8RS . This free membership program, launched in July, targets young aviators aged 13 to 18. This new membership category was designed to make an early connection with young people, with the goal of continuing to engage them throughout their pilot life cycle.
  3. Center to Advance the Pilot Community . The center was launched in October with the broad mandate to rebuild the declining pilot population. The center’s initiatives include the Flight Training Student Retention Initiative, the Flight Training Excellence Awards, the MyFlightTraining website, and the Flight Training Field Guides.
  4. AOPA Flying Club Network . Launched in October, the network is part of the Center to Advance the Pilot Community’s goal to reverse the decline in the pilot population. The goal is to have 1,000 clubs up and running within five years.
  5. FAR Part 23 rewrite. AOPA is one of 55 members of this FAA aviation rulemaking committee working to speed regulatory changes without compromising safety.
  6. Flight Training Excellence Awards . This new awards program attracted 2,400 nominations and named five winners. The awards were created in order to allow AOPA to identify and recognize the highest levels of achievement for flight schools and instructors, with the goal of encouraging others to adopt the characteristics of success.
  7. Flight Training Field Guides . The flight training field guides were created as an insider’s guide for students, flight schools, and instructors.
  8. AOPA FlyQ EFB . This iPad app, launched in November, is the latest addition to the AOPA family of digital flight planning products. The new app is a complete pre-and in-flight planning tool that provides airport directory information, aviation weather, and flight planning.
  9. Progress in transition to an unleaded fuel . AOPA and other members of the General Aviation Avgas Coalition applauded FAA in September for creating a Fuels Program Office as part of the ongoing effort to establish an unleaded avgas transition program.
  10. Third-class medical exemption request . AOPA and EAA jointly filed a request in March with the FAA to request this exemption. At latest count the petition has received 16,230 comments.