AOPA EA plus steps in to help

When accidents happen, getting treatment fast is a top priority, and finding that treatment close to home usually isn’t difficult. But, should an accident occur while you are traveling, finding treatment becomes that much more difficult.

Where is the nearest hospital? What quality of care will I receive? How am I going to get home? Those are all questions you hope to never find yourself asking.

But the reality is that accidents can strike anyone at any time. Something as simple as falling down the stairs could result in a painful injury and an extensive hospital stay.

Don’t find yourself unaware and unprepared should the unthinkable happen to you while traveling. Enroll in AOPA Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) to gain access to 24-hour emergency and medical assistance.

AOPA EA+ helps pay for emergency costs your health insurance will not generally cover, making sure you get the medical care you need, when you need it. If an emergency occurs, AOPA EA+ automatically steps in to help with more than 20 emergency and medical services so you can focus on your recovery and not on costs. You even have the option of including coverage for return of your aircraft if traveling via GA.

Costing just pennies a day for AOPA members, AOPA EA+ is both affordable and just too important to ignore. Enroll today.