Get AOPA Pilot on your iPad mobile phone

Millions received new iPads, iPad minis, Android tablets, and smartphones over the holidays. Pilots quickly discovered the value of such devices in the cockpit, but the best part about these convenient tablets is their versatility. For pilots, the usefulness continues outside the cockpit, especially for viewing aviation e-books and magazines.

AOPA Pilot and Flight Training are among the aviation magazines viewable through an iPad app. The enhanced digital editions can also be viewed on most any other electronic device, from Android to PC desktop.
Once you access the magazine, enjoy “flipping” through the pages as they come to life with extra content, including videos, polls, and more. You can click on ads and links within stories to go right to the sites that interest you while reading the magazine. Best of all, with the digital edition, you’ll be among the first to receive your copy with an email notification—no more waiting at your mailbox.

You can switch from the print to digital edition for free, or pay $10 to add the digital edition to your existing print subscription.

Also consider AOPA’s e-books, “The Best of ‘Never Again,’ Vol. 1” and “The Best of ‘Safety Pilot Landmark Accidents,’ Vol. 1,” available for purchase on AOPA’s website with a special introductory price for members who are logged in.