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November 11, 2009

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Refurbishing the
Millennium Mooney

When you combine 21st Century avionics with the rugged airframe and legendary powerplant of the Mooney 201, you come up with a very special airplane ... AOPA's one-of-a-kind Millennium Mooney. Throughout the year 2000, AOPA will be creating the Millennium Mooney ... engine modifications ... the latest avionics ... and a lustrous, super-sleek paint scheme. Once complete, it will be the fastest and hottest airplane we've ever given away.

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Sweepstakes � Find out how you can enter the 2000 AOPA membership sweepstakes...and how to enhance your chances of winning the Millennium Mooney. Also read about the winner of last year's sweepstakes airplane � the " Aero SUV" Cessna 206.
Articles � Read about the restoration of the "Millennium Mooney," from the pages of AOPA Pilot magazine.
Pictures and commentary � Marc Cook provides an exclusive AOPA Online look into the nitty-gritty details of rebuilding a Mooney 201.
Paint scheme � Visit the Millennium Mooney paint scheme design Web site.
Pilot proficiency program � The winner of the Millennium Mooney is entitled to attend a proficiency program, compliments of the Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association.
Additional Mooney 201 information � The lowdown, compiled by AOPA's Aviation Services department.
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