AOPA's 2001 Bonanza Sweepstakes - Aug. 23 Pictures and Commentary

November 11, 2009

Pictures and Commentary

Aug. 23 - Sunlight and time take a toll on seatbelt webbing and the thread used for sewing the webbing. To insure adequate safety, belts need to be rebuilt periodically.

Safety is one reason new shoulder harness inertia reels and color-coordinated seat and shoulder harness belts from Aircraft Belts of Kemah, Texas, are being installed in the Sweepstakes Bonanza. Aircraft Belts can "reweb" existing belts in a vast array of colors. They also can supply inertia reel units or install different colored belts in existing reel units.

Another pesky detail will be confronted while the Bonanza is at Air Mod for its new interior. The door locks will be replaced with ones befitting an expensive flying machine. With more than $80,000 worth of avionics on the other side of the cabin door, it makes sense to install locks that can't be opened with a bent paperclip.

Air Mod is installing a set of Medeco locksets from Aircraft Security and Alert of Dallas. To quote its Website, these locksets are "double cross-cut bidirectional" with "antidrill hardened pins." Sounds like a good start in making sure both the airplane and the avionics will be there when the winner goes out for a flight.