AOPA's 2001 Bonanza Sweepstakes - Dec. 13 Pictures and Commentary

November 11, 2009

Pictures and Commentary

Dec. 13 - Not much appears to be happening with the Sweepstakes Bonanza these days. The supplemental type certificate application process for the Meggitt electronic flight information system (EFIS) installation is continuing, but this part of the process consists mostly of creating configuration drawings and proving compliance with the certification requirements, rather than actually applying wrenches and soldering irons to components.

STC approvals can take a while. Both AOPA and Meggitt/S-Tec planned to have finished this project and gotten on with our Christmas shopping by now. But it hasn't happened, so we will press on. In fairness to Meggitt/S-Tec, we kept changing the schedule on them, and kept insisting on flying the Bonanza somewhere to show it off to the potential winners.

One thing is sure, though, with the sparkling new paint job, jam-packed instrument panel, and soft leather interior, you can bet that the Sweepstakes Bonanza is best looking hangar queen in the Meggitt/S-Tec hangar. Check back next Friday for an update.

Meggitt Avionics S-Tec