AOPA's 2001 Bonanza Sweepstakes - Jan. 11 Pictures and Commentary

November 11, 2009

Pictures and Commentary

Jan. 11 - A 300-horsepower Continental IO-550B Superior Air Parts Certified Millennium engine is being readied for installation in the AOPA 2001 Sweepstakes Bonanza as this week ends. After removal of the IO-520 engine late last year, Mark Schofield, shop supervisor at Tornado Alley Turbos, and his crew have cleaned, prepped and painted the engine bay on the Bonanza in preparation for the new engine.

Features of the Superior Air Parts Certified Millennium engine include an extensive list of new parts, such as a matched set of new Millennium cylinder assemblies, and a 67-checkpoint engine inspection, featuring items like a two-step controlled balancing program for smoother operation.

Over 60,000 Millennium cylinders have been shipped to users since these cylinders were introduced in the-mid 1990s. These cylinders are STCed for installation on most common general aviation engines. One feature of these cylinders is through-hardened AMS 6382 steel cylinder barrels. These cylinders are manufactured by methods that carefully control variables, such as cylinder choke, to insure good ring seating and very slow wear. The cylinder heads are investment-cast aluminum. This casting method reduces the possibility of tiny voids (air pockets) that are conducive to heat build up and are known to promote fatigue cracking.

Each crankshaft is balanced to less than .25 inch-pounds of imbalance. This standard results in a remarkably smooth engine. The combination of a set of matched Millennium cylinders and tightly balanced reciprocating engine parts naturally results in an engine that eases pilot fatigue and lessens wear in airframe components, avionics, and instruments.

Each engine is tested to insure that it meets the thrust load standards before it's released. Each Certified Millennium Engine is backed by Superior's 5-year Security Assurance Plan, which provides parts and labor coverage on each engine for five years or until TBO.

For more details on Superior's Certified Millennium engine program, or to locate the Millennium engine builder nearby, go to, or contact David Leis with Western Skyways at

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