AOPA's 2001 Bonanza Sweepstakes - Renovation Updates

November 11, 2009

Updates on the Renovation

Lasso yourself a completely refurbished airplane in AOPA's Bonanza 2001 Sweepstakes! That's right ... this year AOPA will take a classic V35 Bonanza and saddle it up with almost $200,000 in custom upgrades. Once completed, it will have the longest range of any aircraft we've ever given away.

And you can watch the Bonanza's refurbishment happen throughout the year - just click on the Bonanza 2001 Sweepstakes buttons below.

You can't win AOPA's Bonanza 2001 Sweepstakes if you don't enter. So renew your membership or join AOPA today, and you will be automatically entered to win!

Sweepstakes - Find out how you can enter the 2001 AOPA membership sweepstakes...and how to enhance your chances of winning the Bonanza.
Articles - Read about the restoration of the Bonanza, from the pages of AOPA Pilot magazine.
Pictures and commentary � Steve Ells provides an exclusive AOPA Online look into the nitty-gritty details of rebuilding a V35 Bonanza.
Contributors � Companies that are donating or discounting their products and services to refurbish AOPA's 2001 Bonanza Sweepstakes project or are otherwise assisting with the project.
Turbonormalizing vs. Turbocharging � AOPA's 2000 Bonanza Sweepstakes project airplane will incorporate a turbonormalizing system. There are many advantages to turbonormalizing, which is different from turbocharging.
Additional Bonanza information � The lowdown, compiled by AOPA's Aviation Services department.
News stories - New Mexico scientist wins AOPA 2001 membership sweepstakes Bonanza
Feb. 4 - A scientist from Los Alamos, New Mexico, has won the 2001 AOPA Membership Sweepstakes Beechcraft Bonanza. The sleek 1966 V35 model had been transformed over the past year into the highest-technology aircraft ever awarded by AOPA. [ More]