AOPA's Centennial of Flight Sweepstakes - July 10 Photos and Commentary

November 11, 2009

Photos and Commentary

The move is on!

July 10 � Rare Aircraft is in the process this week of moving our AOPA Sweepstakes Waco UPF-7 from Faribault, Minnesota, where the hangar has been sold, to Owatonna Degner Regional Airport, Minnesota, 12 miles to the south. (The two towns are about an hour's drive south of Minneapolis.) There, Rare Aircraft also owns the FBO and has completed new facilities for its Waco restoration work. The move was in progress July 10. Our UPF-7 will move in pieces by truck to Owatonna, where restoration should resume in mid-July. The entire Rare Aircraft staff will go to work on it. The wings will be covered and painted soon. It should fly in late August or early September.