AOPA's Centennial of Flight Sweepstakes - June 21 Photos and Commentary

November 11, 2009

Photos and Commentary

Your Waco UPF-7 moves July 1

June 21 � Rare Aircraft craftsmen in Minnesota are preparing to move your AOPA Sweepstakes Waco UPF-7 to their new workshop at Owatonna Degner Regional Airport, Minnesota, just 12 miles from the present shop in Faribault. Rare Aircraft also operates the FBO at Owatonna. The moving date is July 1 or shortly thereafter. In the meantime, a new center instrument panel has been laser-cut and is ready for mounting. New fairings to be mounted between the fuselage and the wing, and fairings for the tail feathers have also arrived. The center avionics panel is being engineered to install the PS Engineering PMA4000 audio panel with intercom. Once in the Owatonna shop, the engine will be hung temporarily to aid in installation of fluid and pitot-static lines, then removed prior to covering the aircraft. The wings are not yet mounted. All sheet metal parts will be newly made. The restored engine instruments have the Waco logo, as they did when they came new from the factory.

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