AOPA's Centennial of Flight Sweepstakes - June 3 Photos and Commentary

November 11, 2009

Photos and Commentary

June is moving month for your Waco

June 3 � The AOPA Sweepstakes Waco UPF-7 project will be moved this month from Faribault, Minnesota, to Owatonna Degner Regional Airport, Minnesota, about 12 miles away. Rare Aircraft, the company that is restoring our 1940 trainer, is consolidating at its FBO operation in Owatonna and has sold the Faribault workshop. In the meantime, schematics for the electrical system are complete and are largely based on drawings already on file at Rare Aircraft. Wiring harness will be constructed soon. All engine instruments have been refurbished or obtained; the toughest to find was an electrical sensing oil-temperature gauge. All avionics have been received and will be prepared for installation. Trays for mounting the avionics are being installed in the panel. The panel itself will be nearly identical to that used in 1940 and is described by Rare Aircraft owner Roy Redman as "stunning." It will be installed soon. The aircraft is still apart to facilitate covering of the wings, fuselage, and tail feathers. Of special interest: The ignition switch can be removed and serves as a key to help start the engine.

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The key to your Sweepstakes Waco UPF-7 is also the magneto switch.