AOPA's Centennial of Flight Sweepstakes - Oct. 15 Photos and Commentary

November 11, 2009

Photos and Commentary

Oct. 15 � Rare Aircraft employees worked through the weekend and on Monday, Columbus Day, to speed progress on the AOPA Centennial of Flight Waco UPF-7. The aircraft is in major assembly and the wings are expected to be bolted on soon. It is expected that the first flight could occur as early as Friday. That means that, assuming all goes well, it could leave as early as Saturday for Palm Springs for display at AOPA Expo. Rare Aircraft staff will bring the aircraft to Palm Springs, and it will be followed by a Citabria (Rare Aircraft is also an American Champion dealer) acting as chase aircraft to carry any spares that the Waco might need along the way. If the route is from Minnesota to El Paso and then west to Palm Springs, the distance will be 1,490 nm. With the 275-hp Jacobs engine, speeds could be 110 to115 mph. It has a constant-speed prop to help with the speed issue. It will need to arrive in Palm Springs Oct. 22 in order to lead the Parade of Planes from Palm Springs International Airport to the AOPA Expo site Oct. 23 in preparation for the show. Expo takes place Oct. 24-26. Call 888/462-3976 for Expo details.