AOPA's Centennial of Flight Sweepstakes - June 13 Photos and Commentary

November 11, 2009

Photos and Commentary

Waco passes muster at AOPA Fly-In

June 13 - The sweepstakes Waco UPF-7 won crowd approval in June when 3,000 members and pilots attended the annual day-long AOPA Fly-In in Frederick, Maryland. Those interviewed indicated they would keep it if they won it - there's been a continual discussion among members as to whether it would be sold, kept, or kept only until the tax collector comes. Once all the rain spots are wiped clean (it stayed in the hangar during the soggy day, but water still reached the Waco's prop and cowling) it will be flown back to Rare Aircraft in Owatonna, Minnesota, around July 15. There, it will be prepped for its appearance at Oshkosh in late July and early August. After Oshkosh it will return to Frederick in time for the AOPA Expo in Philadelphia at the end of October. The drawing is in January 2004, and yes, if you're a member, you're entered. Monthly drawings are still in progress for a ride in a Waco in Sedona, Arizona. (You're entered for that, too.)

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