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November 11, 2009

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October 24
Aircraft Interiors of Memphis Gets the Win a Six Expo-Ready

Aircraft Interiors of Memphis, based at Batesville, Mississippi's Panola County Airport, has completed the Win a Six's interior. And what a beauty it is. The attention to detail is world-class and so is the color scheme and layout.

First off, there are the leather seats, which look terrific and have a great finish, what with the yellow accent piping and modern, club seating arrangement. The old, fabric seats, I'm pretty sure, were original 1967 and came from the Piper factory. But after 40 years of wear and tear, they offered no back support, and you'd sort of list to the center of the cabin after flying the airplane for a few hours. The new seats are firm and smooth and come complete with new three-point harnesses for the front seats.

From the pilot's seat, look up and you'll see more good workmanship. Aircraft Interiors put in a world-class headliner, and the upholstery and stitching around the doors is top-notch. The new headliner also features new passenger overhead lights and Wemac "eyeball" vents. Fit and finish, in other words, are the key words in this interior.

The Rosen sunvisors replace the original, fixed-position visors, which is a much-needed improvement. So is the center console from Saircorp, which includes a large storage compartment and a fold-out clipboard for holding charts, flight planning materials, or other quick-reference items. At the aft section of the console, one of the airplane's three DVD video screens fits into a built-in attach fitting. This gives back-seat passengers a good view of the screen. Meanwhile, they can listen to the soundtrack by plugging in their Sennheiser headsets into the sidewall-mounted headphone jacks. Another video screen is fitted to the aft bulkhead; this one's for viewing by the aft-facing passengers.

In all, the cabin now presents an airy, bright feeling. Together with the panel, the airplane's look, feel, and operating profile meet or exceed those of any high-end, high-performance piston-powered general aviation single in current production.

So if you have an older Cherokee Six - or any airplane needing an interior renovation (see Aircraft Interior's Web site for a look at their many interior completions, in everything from light singles to large business jets) - please consider taking it to Aircraft Interiors of Memphis. Tell them I sent you.

Now it's off to AOPA Expo in Palm Springs, which takes place from November 9 through 11. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming long cross-country flight in this terrific airplane.

- Thomas A. Horne

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