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November 11, 2009

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December 20
Happy endings

We thank everyone for efforts on the Cardinal

I could write a novel about the sweepstakes project. And it would be set in Griffin, Georgia.

The long journey of refurbishing the 1977 Cessna Cardinal we selected more than a year ago for the 2007 sweepstakes has taken us along a twisted path, criss-crossing the country for upgrades and airshows. During the course of these travels and travails, the airplane has spent significant time at the Griffin-Spalding County Airport, nestled just on the edge of Griffin. So it’s only fitting that our last efforts also take place in this countrified town on the outskirts of Atlanta.

We have come here for the close of the 2007 sweepstakes project, for the Catch-A-Cardinal’s final fit and finish before we award the airplane to a lucky winner in early February 2008.
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December 6
Applying the Details
Final touches to the panel
There are just a couple more details to address on the 1977 Cessna Cardinal that we're refurbishing for this year's sweepstakes, and this week we've knocked off two more important components.
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November 29
Another Blessing
DERs pave the way for the Cardinal
With the amount of new and upgraded parts and pieces in your Catch-A-Cardinal, you'd think there would be a lot of paperwork to the process. That's true—we could significantly impact the useful load on our 1977 Cessna Cardinal with all those supplemental type certificates and parts manufacturing approval tags.
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November 21
More Magic—in Your Hands
The Lowrance 600c GPS goes to our winner
Though the 1977 Cessna Cardinal we've refurbished for this year's Catch-A-Cardinal sweepstakes has a host of electronic goodies in its new instrument panel, the prudent pilot always takes along a back-up navigation source. Lowrance Avionics is providing its latest handheld GPS, the 600c, for the winner to use to check off this important box.
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November 8
It's Essential
Preserving another kind of "juice"
You could successfully argue that fuel is the most important "juice" in the airplane.
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November 1
South Once More
We begin finishing touches on the Cardinal
A year ago—November 3, actually—we started tearing into the 1977 Cessna Cardinal that we're refurbishing for this year's sweepstakes.
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October 25
All the Accessories
A roster of treats for the winner
We've spent the past 10 months telling you all about the progress on the 1977 Cessna Cardinal we're refurbishing for this year's AOPA sweepstakes. And really, the work on the airplane, and all the new or overhauled components we've put into it comprise the bulk of the sweepstakes value.
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October 18
Questions on the Cardinal?
We have answers!
When we launched the Catch-A-Cardinal sweepstakes project on January 1 of this year, I opened my Inbox to find your e-mails - from nearly the moment we posted the first story. You've been following the refurbishment of the 1977 Cessna Cardinal with great interest, and you've asked some great questions along the way.
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October 11
Cardinal on Display
A hot airplane, a hot Expo
"I want to win this one!" You can understand how gratifying it was to hear those words, over and over, at AOPA Expo last week, as pilots and aviation enthusiasts and their families gathered around the Catch-A-Cardinal, our 2007 sweepstakes airplane.
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October 4
These Very Wings
The Cardinal flies to AOPA Expo
Just 6 short months ago, the only way the Cessna Cardinal we refurbished for this year's sweepstakes could travel to an airshow was via Douglas DC-3 and an Atlanta Air Recovery & Storage 40-ft flatbed trailer.
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September 27
Getting the Catch-A-Cardinal ready for AOPA Expo
When we returned to Griffin, Georgia, with the 1977 Cessna Cardinal we're refurbishing for this year's sweepstakes after its date with the interior shop two weeks ago, we'd finished off all five of the major work packages associated with the airplane's journey from average to unforgettable.
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September 20
Cardinal Tour II
Crossing the southern frontier
We had so much fun the first time out, we had to do it again. Obvious, even to the casual observer: The airplane had a long cross-country flight next on the itinerary. We had the Cardinal out in Alva, Oklahoma, for its interior refurbishment, and we needed to bring it back to Griffin, Georgia, prior to AOPA Expo in Hartford for installation of the wheel pants before it goes on display at the show.
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September 13
Completion Center
The interior comes together for the Cardinal
Once again, several different projects intersect as we come to the conclusion of a major stage in the Catch-A-Cardinal's refurbishment.
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September 6
An Interior in Stages
Starting with the seats, we rebuild the Cardinal's interior
Travel back in time with me to March 23. We were just a few weeks from the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In, and the Cessna Cardinal for this year's sweepstakes was coming back together in stages: major airframe refurbishment, complete rewiring, an engine bolted on the reconditioned mount, and the painting of each part all coming together in stages.
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See why the Cardinal's cross-country cruise was a great success.

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