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November 11, 2009

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Exterior/Airframe Powerplant Avionics
Interior Owner Assistance Project Consulting


Aircraft cover:
Bruce's Custom Covers 800/777-6405
Aircraft hardware, control cables:
Freeman's Just Plane Hardware 800/635-5631, 770/227-2602
Aircraft paint stripper:
Custom Chemical Engineering 217/529-0878
Aircraft parts and support, pilot supplies:
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty 877/477-7823
Aircraft relocation, parts:
Atlanta Air Recovery & Storage 800/237-8831
Aircraft tires and tubes:
Michelin Aircraft Tire Company, LLC 877/503-8071
Aircraft transportation:
Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH 49 (0) 9824/951-00
Aircraft wheels and brakes:
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes 440/937-6211
Airframe refurbishment:
AirWrench 678/770-0850
Classic Aircraft Maintenance 678/372-6346 E-mail:
Airframe replacement parts:
Cessna Aircraft Company 800/4CESSNA (423-7762), 316/517-6056
Cowl fastener conversion kit:
Skybolt Aerospace Fasteners 800/223-1963, 352/326-0001
Door retainer:
Mountain View Aviation 800/837-0271
Artex 800/547-8901, 503/678-7929
Fairings, speed mods:
Maple Leaf Aviation 204/728-7618
Fiberglass repair:
Aero Glass, Inc. 770/227-6106  
Firewall polishing and aircraft cleaning materials:
Nuvite Chemical 888/326-6489
Landing lights, portable oxygen system:
Precise Flight 800/547-2558, 541/382-8684
Aero Performance 800/794-9909
Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings Alumigrip base coat 847/625-4200
Paint application:
Advanced Aircraft Refinishers 770/789-7520
Paint masking and decals:
Moody Aero-Graphics 800/749-2462, 352/347-3330
Paint masking materials:
3M Aerospace 800/362-3550
Paint and propeller paint design:
Scheme Designers 201/569-7785
Strobes, beacon:
Whelen Engineering 860/526-9504
Vortex generators:
Micro AeroDynamics 800/677-2370, 360/293-8082
Window seals:
Aircraft Door Seals 405/470-3636
Windshield, windows:
LP Aero Plastics Inc. 800/957-4757


Aircraft hoses:
Precision Hose Technology 800/331-5946
Plane-Power Inc. 877/934-5700
Teledyne Battery Products 909/793-3131
Battery charger:
Diversified Aviation Services, Inc. 405/627-9350
Engine baffle seals:
Gee-Bee Aero Products 800/556-3160 E-mail:
Engine break-in oil:
Young Petroleum 770/227-6462
Engine installation and firewall forward:
Don's Dream Machines 770/412-8885
Engine intake filter:
The Donaldson Company 952/887-3435, 866/323-0394
Engine mount overhaul:
Kosola & Associates 800/456-7652
Engine preheat:
Tanis Aircraft Products 800/443-2136, 320/634-4772
Factory overhauled engine:
Textron Lycoming 570/323-6181
Propeller, governor overhaul, and propeller paint:
American Propeller Service 800/292-7767, 530/221-4470
Standby vacuum source:
The Vacuum Source 541/389-4884
Sky-Tec 800/476-7896, 817/573-2252
Tuned exhaust:
Power Flow Systems 877/693-7356, 386/253-8833
Vacuum pump, filters:
Rapco Inc. 800/527-2726


Aircraft antennas:
Comant 714/870-2420
Altimeter magnifying lens:
One Wink LLC 309/664-6764
S-Tec Corporation 800/872-7832
Avionics installation, aircraft wiring, antenna installation:
Sarasota Avionics 941/360-6877
Additional aircraft electrical work, yokes, and avionics support:
Precision Avionics 770/946-8555
Digital aircraft clock:
Electronics International 877/318-6060
Electric back-up attitude indicator:
Castleberry Instruments & Avionics 512/251-5322
Electroluminescent subpanels:
Air Capitol Dial 877/269-2483, 316/264-9269
Engine analyzer:
J.P. Instruments 800/345-4574
GPS/nav/coms; multifunction display; transponder; audio panel:
Garmin International 913/397-8200
Handheld transceiver:
Sporty's Pilot Shop 800/SPORTYS (776-7897)
Horizontal situation indicator:
Honeywell Bendix/King 877/712-2386
Lightning detection device:
L-3 Communications Avionics Systems 616/949-6600
Nav data service:
Jeppesen 800/621-5377
Noise-canceling headsets:
Bose Corporation 800/999-2673
Primary attitude indicator:
Precision Avionics & Instruments 800/537-2778, 404/767-5800


Aircraft interior leather, glareshield, and yoke trim:
Mayfield Aviation Leather 828/328-3135
Aircraft Interior Products 800/457-3021, 316/262-3496
Interior plastic components:
Vantage Plane Plastics 866/307-5263, 580/327-1565
Interior redesign, upholstery:
Aerodesigns Aircraft Interiors
Seatbelt refurbishment:
Aviation Safety Products 800/480-4816
Alamo Plating 210/658-4024
SoundEx 888/513-5088

Owner Assistance

Aircraft maintenance manuals:
Essco Aircraft 330/644-0692
Cardinal software for Microsoft Flight Simulator:
Flight1 Aviation Technologies 260/563-8670
Maintenance reference guides:
Aircraft Supplies & Academics 425/235-1500
Medical certification:
Dr. James Gore, Family Medical Center 770/228-2641  
Pilot training:
The AvNet 678/688-7069
Type club membership and support:
Cardinal Flyers Online
Type club membership, manuals, and technical seminars:
Cessna Pilots Association 805/934-0493
Type club membership and magazine subscription:
Cessna Owner Organization 888/MY-CESSNA (692-3776)

Project Consulting

The AvNet 678/688-7069