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March 25, 2013

Sweeps Update

Project Update: November 27, 2008

Everything else

By Ian J. Twombly

In addition to a beautiful airplane that will propel the winner through the air in comfort, relative speed, and certainly with ease, the winner of the 2008 Get Your Glass Sweepstakes will also receive a number of additional personal items.

Every year we like to offer some additional goodies to the winner as a way to round out the package. In year’s past we’ve given handheld GPSs, handheld nav/comms, and much more. This year we have a well-rounded stable of products that we’re sure the winner will enjoy keeping.

Aircraft cover

One longtime contributor joins us again this year with a new custom aircraft cover. Bruce’s Custom Covers has provided a great looking durable cover that extends from the front windscreen back to the baggage door. It features the aircraft N-number and the same color scheme as the paint. And just like all covers, this one comes with a nice carrying bag. So now even if the winner has a hangar, they’ll have a cover when they’re away from home.

Aircraft manuals

Aircraft owners often overlook aircraft manuals, and lose a lot of great information in the process. Essco Aircraft is providing an aircraft maintenance manual and a parts manual for the Archer. I’ve referred to them frequently over the past year, as I’m sure the owner will. Having the manual is a great way to learn about the airplane, and being so inexpensive, they make a lot of sense to own.

Chart subscriptions

Keeping the two Garmin GNS430Ws, and the electronic navigation and charts on the Avidyne EX500 current means going to the source—Jeppesen. The company that does all things charts and navigation has been providing data for us all year, and will continue to provide it to the winner for another year. We’re happy to be able to count on Jeppesen to make sure our winner’s avionics remain current and usable to their highest potential.


One of the best accessories this year is four brand-new Lightspeed Zulu headsets. Valued at almost $4,000, the new headsets are the best Lightspeed has ever made, and feature high-quality ANR, Bluetooth connectivity, and an auxiliary music jack. That means our winner will have the opportunity to play music through the audio panel, courtesy of PS Engineering, and still have different music through each headset.

Piper Flyer Association

Having the resources of a type club at your disposal is important, especially for a new airplane owner. The Piper Flyer Association has agreed to support our winner for a year with a free membership.

SPOT Satellite Messenger

SPOT is a new contributor this year, and the company’s product offers our winner something brand new to aviation. The satellite messenger is a small, handheld device that can track and pinpoint the user’s location, and either call for help or simply update a designated person with a trail of position reports via Google maps. Our winner will receive a free SPOT with a year’s subscription included.

Electronic charts

Another new contributor this year is Reader Plates, an electronic approach plate tool. So not only will our winner have electronic charts on the Avidyne EX500, but he or she will also be able to carry every approach plate in the country on a device the size of a small portfolio. Reader Plates uses a Sony electronic book and loads a digital rendering of every plate in the country for only $9.99 a month. Our winner will receive the reader and a year subscription.

We hope that the combination of airplane and accessories will be just what our winner needs for years of enjoyment with N208GG. One thing’s for sure, we can’t wait to see their face when we show up with the keys and the baggage area full of goodies.

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