2010 Fun to Fly' Sweepstakes

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2010 Sweepstakes Unveiling

AOPA President Craig Fuller unveils the 2010 sweepstakes aircraft. The 2010 sweepstakes starts right here at Summit and will end next year at AOPA Aviation Summit in Long Beach, Calif., where the airplane will be awarded.

Jewel in the crown

The 2010 Sweepstakes does light sport proud

Road & Runway Rally to SUN'nFUN

Fun to Fly Sweepstakes at the Arts Fest

Reaching out to new audiences to engage in GA

Adventure by Remos

Best fly-out destination in California

Remos Winner

A New Hampshire pilot thought he was participating in a research study on the impact of motion simulation on ab initio flight training. He ended up the new owner of the Fun to Fly Remos.

AOPA Sweepstakes Remos to OSH

630 nm in a Light Sport Aircraft from FDK to EAA AirVenture